October 2, 2011

Pinterest Love

Alexis and I love pinning stuff on pinterest.  Follow Me on Pinterest  The best way to descibe pinterest is that it is like a giant visual bookmark list.  You can create different boards to organinze your bookmarks or “pins.”  What make it even more fun is that you can browse other people’s boards and repin things you like.

We decided that one of the features of this new blog of ours will be to do a weekly pinterest love post.   They might have themes or not.  But it will be tons of fun! 

This week I am going to get things started with a visual sewing to do list.  And if I get around to finishing any of these, you know I will share them with you here! 

I am currently (slowly) working on one of these!  Hopefully it will be finished for picnics next year!

 You can never have too many blankets...right?

Insulated bag to go along with the picnic blankets

I desperately need a new lunch bag

How cute is this?  I do need a bigger purse...

my old wallet is falling apart...

and this just looks like fun!

Ok, now that I have shared some of the things on my sewing list world, maybe I'll actually get around to doing them.   Many of these things I have until next spring to get done, but if I just hack away at them small bits at I time I will get done.  I didn't even share my holiday sewing to do list!  

Well, I hope you enjoyed this first installment of Pinterest Love.  I hope to see you all there!!  It's super fun!!

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