October 12, 2011

dobos torte

i love the look of many layered things. so when i happened across the dobos torte, i was ecstatic.  i made it as a desert to take to christina's house when a-gator was about 20 weeks old.  i only remember this, because i wanted to make as many layers as a-gator was old, but ran out of batter at 16.
i followed this recipe from allrecipes.com
dobos torte
i didn't change anything as it was the first time making it, but i also didn't make the sugar topping or use the lemon zest.  i just made a simple powdered sugar icing with cocoa powder to make it chocolate.  I found this to be a little sweet, so the next time i might just make a dark chocolate ganache to drizzle over the cake (and in between the layers of course!)
It was still delicious, and the thinner you sliced the cake, the better it tasted.

here are some pictures of the process, i didn't take one of every step but there are enough to get the general idea.

i need to work on making my layers and icing more even, but it doesn't mean it wasn't delicious!
enjoy, it is time consuming, but worth the effort for special occasions.  

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