October 19, 2011

i'm cheap because i'm poor.

 i don't know if you've noticed, but we love pinterest.  while perusing the pins i kept coming upon this pin for homemade laundry detergent (both liquid and powder), so i thought, "hey self.... you should make this and try it so you can save a ton of money."   so i did just that. i gathered my supplies, went to work and voila! my family hasn't looked back since.

October 18, 2011

Stitching with kids

IMG_7639I mentioned that I was working on little sewing projects with my nieces.  They love sewing!  I have 2 nieces that are really getting into it.  I have been creating simple little project for these two to make for awhile now.  Last year (or was it the year before?) we made little peeps and just some other little free form projects with felt and yarn.  I believe one made a heart and the other made a little pouch that her mom uses at the store.  I wish I would have taken pictures of these to share with you.  Basically when sewing with children, start with projects that are made up of simple shapes and that are 2D.  You want something that all they have to do is stitch a front onto a back.  After they master that, then you can get a little fancier.

October 16, 2011

Pinterset Love #2- Baby Halloween Edition

I have been going nuts trying to decide what my little one should be for her first Halloween.  I knew that I wanted to make her a costume that would be cute and comfy and hopefully easy because she probably won't wear it for very long.  I had been looking online trying to decide and I was just running out of time.  I finally asked my husband what she should be and we went out and got some fabric and I quickly made her costume during a nap or two.  I am not going to share that with youy quite yet (I am so mean!)  But I will share some cute baby costumes that I have pinned on pinterst.  Some of these are ones that Alexis found and some are ones I found while searching around on google for ideas.  

October 13, 2011

sweet potato biscuits

IMG_4958My sister in law has got me slightly hooked on Gooseberry Patch books.  I have nowhere near as many as she does, but I think I am creeping close to a dozen.  Every once in a while I actually make something from one of them.  They are fun to read, but like any other cook book, I think I read them more than I cook from them.  I was looking through them recently looking for  some recipes with fall flavors and I came across sweet potato biscuits.  I love sweet potatoes and I love biscuits, and they are quick and easy.  This is a picture heavy post, not that this recipe needs to be, but I just like pictures of food and it was fun putting together a pictorial step by step.  Ok, are you ready for some biscuits?

October 12, 2011

dobos torte

i love the look of many layered things. so when i happened across the dobos torte, i was ecstatic.  i made it as a desert to take to christina's house when a-gator was about 20 weeks old.  i only remember this, because i wanted to make as many layers as a-gator was old, but ran out of batter at 16.
i followed this recipe from allrecipes.com
dobos torte
i didn't change anything as it was the first time making it, but i also didn't make the sugar topping or use the lemon zest.  i just made a simple powdered sugar icing with cocoa powder to make it chocolate.  I found this to be a little sweet, so the next time i might just make a dark chocolate ganache to drizzle over the cake (and in between the layers of course!)
It was still delicious, and the thinner you sliced the cake, the better it tasted.

October 5, 2011

homemade potato soup

Homemade potato soup
When I was young, my grandma used to make fresh vegetable soup with goodies from her garden.  I always felt it was a special treat that she made just for my visit.  My mom, who can’t stand canned soup unless it’s tomato, makes potato soup for our family all the time.  I’ve tweaked it just a bit and she approves.  So here, for your stomachs’ pleasure, I give to you, potato soup (that only takes about 45 minutes start to finish!)

October 3, 2011

Super Simple Initial Tiny Tote

IMG_4781One of my favorite things about sewing is creating something special for someone and their reaction when I give it too them.  Even if I don’t I have a lot of time, I am still able to create a one of a kind gift and the recipient is usually very happy to receive it.  My niece’s 6th birthday was coming up, and as usual, I was being wishy-washy about what I wanted to make.  I had so many ideas that I couldn’t decide.  I was running out of time!!!  Finally I decided that I couldn’t go wrong with a personalized tote bag.  It’s simple, easily customized, and very practical for a girl that has many things she needs to take on the go!  Now, my niece is very stylin’ so now that I had decided what to make, I had to pick out the fabric!!!  I ‘d get so much more done if I didn’t have all these decisions to make!!!

On to the tutorial part of this post!!  I know that there are many different variations of the simple tote bag all over blog land, but I thought I would share with you this cute and fun tote that I came up with based on different bags I have made in the past.  Let’s get started!

October 2, 2011

Pinterest Love

Alexis and I love pinning stuff on pinterest.  Follow Me on Pinterest  The best way to descibe pinterest is that it is like a giant visual bookmark list.  You can create different boards to organinze your bookmarks or “pins.”  What make it even more fun is that you can browse other people’s boards and repin things you like.

We decided that one of the features of this new blog of ours will be to do a weekly pinterest love post.   They might have themes or not.  But it will be tons of fun! 

This week I am going to get things started with a visual sewing to do list.  And if I get around to finishing any of these, you know I will share them with you here! 

October 1, 2011


IMG_3218Since giving birth to my amazing little girl, I have gotten into sewing little plush toys, otherwise known as softies.  Softies are great sewing projects because:
  1. they can come together pretty quickly
  2. they are highly customizable
  3. they don’t take much fabric (perfect scrap buster!)
  4. and they are just so cuddly!   

bruffins the new breakfast revolution

there are few things i can eat anytime, anywhere, under any preparation. the first on this exclusive list are potatoes. i say this because, while i love most vegetables, potatoes have a very special place in my heart. when i was much much younger my grandma would peel and cut yams into wedges that my cousin and i would fight over until she put them in two piles(one for each of us). ever since then i adore all things potato.
with this in mind, i love finding new ways to incorporate potatoes into anything. since the invention of the hash brown, potatoes have earned a spot on the breakfast table. so i went about searching for ways to make a breakfast dish that was portable, but included all the things i really love about breakfast, other than cereal.
i don't know about you, but the only real fast food breakfast i have ever liked is mcdonald's. mostly the egg and cheese biscuit. what can go wrong with such simple ingredients? so since i love the biscuit part the best, i wanted to find a way to use biscuits as the vessel in which to carry these delicious little bites around.
so i went to work and thought about what i really like for breakfast and how to best include it in a biscuit that wouldn't fall apart or be messy. i don't like the burrito idea because i am 1) a very clumsy person, 2) have a trait in my family that makes it almost nearly impossible to be a neat eater. 3) the texture of burritos isn't something i truly enjoy.

September 29, 2011

The start of something really really awesome....

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