October 1, 2011


IMG_3218Since giving birth to my amazing little girl, I have gotten into sewing little plush toys, otherwise known as softies.  Softies are great sewing projects because:
  1. they can come together pretty quickly
  2. they are highly customizable
  3. they don’t take much fabric (perfect scrap buster!)
  4. and they are just so cuddly!   
 I just love making these little guys for my daughter and for the other little cuties I happen to know.  Mostly I enjoy trying out different patterns I find from books and on the internet.  I have 2 great softies books that I adore:

From the first one I found a cute little monster pattern that I have made many times now called Lucy’s Monster.  (The creator of the pattern has a blog over here: http://heylucy.net/)  I have made given away several of these guys.  They are so easy and so stinkin’cute!  Take a look!
Meet Pinky, Pop-Tart, and Knut (Knut has a twin, not sure of its name)

IMG_3314  and Monster Monster and Bowie Monster (note that his eyes are different colors like Bowie and he looks kinda like a space man...or a star man)

I feel like they all have different personalities because no 2 are exactly the same, even when they are almost the same:
 and here's Pinky with her twin (I don't remember her name...it might be Pinky too)

From these books I have adapted a few of the patterns for my young nieces to sew.  I will have to share their awesome creations in another post.  Softies make a great beginner sewing project.  You don't have to be perfect when making them...in fact I think imperfections give them added character!  I am very impressed with their work and can't wait to share them with you. 

Another source for awesome patterns is BIT OF WHIMSY DOLLS.  I absolutely love Bit of Whimsy patterns!  The first one that I had the pleasure creating was Elodie the Elephant.  The pattern is available for purchase on the website or in the book that introduced me to these cute patterns:

The first Elodie I made was for my little girl, she approved by chewing on trunk!  And that trunk was the most difficult part on this little guy.  Use a chopstick to turn the trunk and to stuff it.  It will make your life easier!
On the Bit of Whimsy website, they offer a few free patterns.  I was super excited to see that the adorable Sammy Squid pattern was free.  Again, use a chopsticks to stuff those tentacles!!  I am very pleased with the fabric combo I came up on this little guy.  Don't ask me how long I played with my fabric to come up with this combo....sometimes it takes longer to pick out the fabric than it does to sew it.  Oh well, it's half the fun too. 
I love his little face!  So sweet!

I have made a few more of the Elephants as gifts.  Here are 2 pink polyester ones I made for 2 cute little girls as birthday gifts:
 This one belongs to a sweet little niece that lives too far away (I also made that fun skirt)
IMG_4533and this one belongs to a co-workers cutie little one-year-old.

I also made a cute green flannel one with yellow gingham ears for a future niece in Japan!  When I made it I had to make it gender neutral because we didn't know.  But now that we know, I am so excited to have another little girl to sew for!  I didn’t take a picture before giving it to my bro-in-law when he visited this summer.  But it was super cute, trust me!  Smile  
I love the Bit of Whimsy doll patterns too.  I may have to buy one so that I can make all these little girls I know some little dollies.   The patterns I have done so far are easy to follow and come together fairly quickly.  Just make sure you have that chopstick handy for turning and stuffing the narrow pieces!

Softies are truly a ton of fun to make.  The best part is always giving it to its new owner.  My daughter shows her love by chewing them all up.  I am told that one of the little monsters live in its owner’s bed and he is upset if he isn’t in there.  I am told that some grown-ups had fun with one of the elephants and tied the trunk in a knot.  Softies are good fun for everyone!!  I have made others, including from my own patterns, that I will share with you another time. 

Thanks for looking!

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