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Alexis is always on a mission to create yummy foods that are vegetarian/gluten free/delicious or adapting recipes so that they are these things. While she is not blessed with a sense of smell, she relies on textures and strong flavors to get by. She is also learning to sew, having watched her grandma/mother/aunt/friends sew as well, but so far has only really made some pretty awesome pillowcases, and a slightly haphazard bear/hippo gone wrong thing for the a-gator (who was all kinds of happy about it).

Christina has been sewing off and on since she was a little girl watching her grandma sew. She is always trying to improve her technique without obsessing over perfection too much (otherwise nothing gets done.) She loves to sew new little toys for her little girl (the previously mentioned a-gator) to chew on. She is also on a mission to add easy and tasty recipes to her repertoire.

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