October 5, 2011

homemade potato soup

Homemade potato soup
When I was young, my grandma used to make fresh vegetable soup with goodies from her garden.  I always felt it was a special treat that she made just for my visit.  My mom, who can’t stand canned soup unless it’s tomato, makes potato soup for our family all the time.  I’ve tweaked it just a bit and she approves.  So here, for your stomachs’ pleasure, I give to you, potato soup (that only takes about 45 minutes start to finish!)

You will need:


·       Potatoes (peeled and diced or sliced, amount may vary)
·      Onion
·      Celery
·      Carrots
·      Milk
·      Salt/pepper/paprika
·      Instant mashed potatoes (about 1 cup prepared)
·      About a teaspoon of olive oil
·      Water

Let’s get going:
Wash and peel the potatoes, cut to desired shape and size.  Finely dice celery, carrots, and onion.  In a large soup pot add the olive oil and onion and saut√© until translucent over medium-low heat.  Add the celery and carrots.  Allow cooking for a few minutes, adding the potatoes and salt. Cover with water and simmer over medium heat for about 30 minutes or until the potatoes are cooked. 
In a separate pan prepare the instant mashed potatoes according to package directions.  Add the potatoes and milk.  Add paprika, (a few dashes) stir and allow the milk to come to temperature.
*I like to make it with grilled cheese (with Dijon mustard and part skim mozzarella cheese, pressed thin). 

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